Hope you enjoy yourself and find this

an easy experience

When you recieve a swap card please acknowledge it by clicking onto the persons photo and leaving a message

When it is your turn to pick the theme please go to the board and post your theme there





Hello Ladies

Chat night is Wednesday nights at 7.30 - just click on the chat button and follow - hope to see you there




NOTE: if you want to leave messages for the whole group,

Put it in the discussion tab, new forum,add new board write what you want press forum... and remember to check it out regularly. 

Any news or sales that we NEED to know about etc.

Happy Birthday: July-Val 26th   

Aug-Carol 25th    Sep-Alison 16th

From Carol:  If I don't have your birthday, you'd better let me know if you want it put up here.  Jude I have yours.

NZ CARDSWAP! (let Carol know if you want to join in anytime - NZ only because of postage
  •    As a courtesy to others:   please acknowledge receipt of cards promptly, and ensure your card will be received within that month.

AUGUST 2018-  Alison's choice for the card swap:   I choose a paper napkin transfer technique for this cardswap.  If you google paper napkin transfer there are a lot of different youtubes and tutorials.

 Carol - additional: While you're at it, make an extra piece or two at least 3" square (not too busy and without a sentiment or words),  and send in the envelope with Alison’s August cardswap because it will be used for the September cardswap!  But when you receive it, don’t make anything with it yet because there will be further instructions in September!  


Alison to Jan             

Carol to Jude             

Dawn to Suna                            

Janet  to Val        

Jude to Maxine      

Suna to Alison                    

Val    to Carol

Maxine to Dawn

Have fun!