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Hello Ladies

Chat night is Wednesday nights at 7.30 - just click on the chat button and follow - hope to see you there


Happy Birthday: September  16 Alison Rennell

Let Carol know when your birthday is, so you can be included in notifications.   

CARDSWAP! (let Carol know if you want to join in anytime - NZ only, because of cost of postage )   
As a courtesy to others in the swap:  please acknowledge receipt of cards promptly via personal message on this site, and ensure your card will be received within that month.   Don't forget to put your own card up in your gallery once the person has received it so we can all appreciate it (please dont upload on here until you send it as it spoils the surprise).

SEPTEMBER 2020: Maxine's Choice:  I have just seen this video and think this would be a fun technique  - Swinking!


And here is another one  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1yPnK79dT0

 Hope you don't mind getting a wee bit messy :)  Have fun, Hugs Maxine


Alison (taking a break)

 Carol to Pip

Dawn to Carol            

Jude to Dawn

Suna to Jude

Val to Suna

Maxine to Val

Suze to Maxine

Pip to Suze

 Have fun!